Upcoming Alpha

Thank you for your intrest in Space Blitz'd! This is only a demo and does not represent the full finished product. My goal is to make affordable, fun, & bug free games that you will never ever have to purchase extra dlc's to enjoy.

*Options Button currently does nothing for the momemnt.
*No Ecm or missles in demo.

What you can expect in the upcoming Alpha build

 Weapons:  More powerful lasers, unguided & guided missles, torpedos, automatic turrets and mines.

Boarding feature to capture ships to replace spacestation.

Ecm (electronic counter measures) to temporarily halt assaults.

More challenging Levels


Hopefully release to steam.

Windows, Mac, Linux & Android release.

For now thats it, but will come up with other things in future. If you have any cool ideas for this game or bugs email me @ av8rgamez@gmail.com

Thank you
 Stephen Cutts (Av8r)


Space Blitzd Pre Alpha Demo.zip 40 MB
Jun 15, 2017

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